The Nurse Visit By:Julia

I woke up freaking out because I knew I was going to get a shot in both legs. Which, I am terrified of shots. I am scared of shots because of my experience with the strep throat shot. That is why I do not like shots! Anyway, I woke up and I went straight to my grandma’s room. I woke her up and I started talking to her about freaking out because of the shot. Then, my grandma was telling me, The shot that I took was not going to hurt like the strep  throat shot, and the medicine that is in the strep throat shot was not anything compared to the shot that I got because the medicine is thin. I was still freaking out! I was thinking, “This shot is going to hurt!” A few minutes later, I watched television to get the shot off of my mind. While I was watching television grandma was going back to sleep. Afterwords, I went to eat some cereal… I was still nervous after watching television and I got a bowl and made some cereal for me… I got to much to eat and I was that nervous! Later, my dad pulled in the driveway! He asked me, “Are you ready to go?” and every time I did not say a word. At one point dad just told me, “Let’s go!” and I got in the vehicle and I just looked at the trees… it was something to get me off of my mind. After a few minutes we were at the medical clinic! I sat down with my dad filling out the papers. and I freaked out a little bit and I watched television a little bit… and then a nurse calls, “Julia!” and I walk up to her and she checked my height and weight. After that, my dad went into a room, and I stayed in for a few minutes until I had to get my vision, hearing, blood pressure, and my heart beat. After all of that I have to do the finger prick and I hold my thumb up and the nurse is telling me to count to 3, 2, 1, but I did not I was quiet and nervous, so the nurse counted for me and I was like, “Ow!” and the nurse let me choose a band-aid. After that I had to get shots and my dad says, “Don’t look at the needles,” and I did for a quick second but I did not see the long needle part I just saw the part the nurse has to hold in to put in the medicine. I quickly get the first shot and I was like, “Ow, ow,” and the nurse does the other shot and I was like, “Ow, that feels weird!” I was done! Finally! Anyways I had to take this shot for school and it was not to bad comparing to the strep throat shot! Plus, it was not too much pain anyway, I am just glad I did it! By : Julia : Thank You for reading my blog about visiting the Medical Clinic, and have an awesome day!


So, this week we are having the biggest test of le year, but it’s only like 20% – 25% of our grade. YUP!!!!! You guessed it. TCAPS……..  I’m actually kind of excited to do them because afterwards, we only have like 2 to 3 weeks of school left (or something XD)  But either way TCAPS will stil be on earth no matter how much I wish they weren’t XD Well, that’s all I have to say. Love ya Goofballs ❤

~Avery G

Me, mum and Maggie!

Me, mum and Maggie!

Roblox :l

Alot of times, Roblox is my favorite game to play, Unless there are meanie weenie trolls, which is a 99.9% chance it will always be like that. Cyber bullies and rude bossy people calling you noobs when you just wanna have fun or be funny. I was playing “Work At A Pizza Place” , and this girl had stole my car and drove away. I caught up and jumped on top of the car, trying to be funny, which it was, she told me “NO NOOB GET OFF MY CAR”. I started to feel sad but I know it’s not a big deal, but then she took it too far. She told me I was like 8 or 9 and not funny. I decided before anything else, to report her, And before you know it, she left the game. If you are ever being cyber bullied, think fast, report or block that person, maybe both, then get off the computer. P.S Anyone who has or is experiencing bullying, I’m here to talk to. Thanks for reading. Love ya goofballs 🙂

~Avery G. ❤

Right: Maggie Left: ME!

Right: Me!
Left: Maggie!

Heeeyyyy <3

So I haven’t posted since like, 2014. And now it’s 2015!!! YAY!! XD So I decided to tell a little bit about myself.

•10 years old

•Love Le Internet

•Favorite game is Roblox

•Favorite fandom is FNAF

•2 cats, Reggie and Echo

•Favorite band is Panic! at le Disco

•2 Siblings (soon to be one)

•Favorite meme is Doge

•Best friends are Allison, Maya, Ella, and Lily

•Senpai, NOT TELLING :3

•Favorite group at school, Giraffes. (don’t ask XD)


•Love Jacksfilms, Dan and Phil, Pewds, and Jackcepticeye

•Love you all!!!!


A wonderful dream

Ever had those times where you just had a really awesome  dream, but you wake up and can’t get back to your dream? I hate it! It makes me have a harder day. It’s just…..ERRRRR!!! SO FRUSTRATING! 😡  na man na. Just no…NO!!! And the thing is, I really loved that dream!!! So I made a solution.. I’M GONNA MAKE IT…..INTO A STORYYYYYY!!!!!! yay. thx for reading goofballs!! BYEEE 🙂 hehe



Zane and Bella By: Julia Graham

So this is two of the animals one is a zebra, and one is a panda. Zane (the zebra) wondered off into the jungle he was a little scared because he didn’t know how he got in the jungle. Then he saw Bella (the panda) he ran away because he thought she would hurt him. Bella says “Hello,” then he goes back to Bella and says “hey,” Bella asks “what are you I never saw an animal like you,” he says “I am a well what am I.” and then he spins around trying to look at his tail. Next Bella giggles then Zane asks “what are you laughing at,” then she says “you” “what did I do so funny,” she said “you ran around and looked at your tail,” he says “then what are you?” Then she says “umm I don’t know,” then she looked at her tail then she about fell but she grabbed a vine. Next he says “wow how did you do that,” she said “its simple really,” then he tried to climb up bamboo wrapping his legs around the trees, then he tries to boost himself up when he looked up he thought he was way up so he was scared (just one inch high) then he calls “HELP, HELP ME,” then Bella was giggling again and says “your only one inch high.” Then he looked down and then he said “oh…” and hopped down Zane walked away because he got shy then she says “WAIT,” then he stops and she says “can I hop on,” he said “well… sure why not,” then she rides him and runs away fast. Then Bella says “woah slow down!” When Zane stopped then he speed walked then they explored the jungle together The End! I hope you thought how it would be…. and thank you for reading! 😀

Lauren and Goldie

By: Avery Graham
One day a girl named Lauren was walking through the neighborhood and she saw a beautiful baby golden retriever. She had mud all over her, her legs were broken and she was just born. “WOW how is she still alive?” Lauren thought. She always had a first aid kit with her. She cleaned up the poor dog and patch  up her broken legs. She took her home with her. Lauren took her in the bedroom and said “What should I name you?” The dog barked. “What?” said Lauren . “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!!” Barked the dog. “Wait, are you a girl?” Asked Lauren.  She lifted her up, and looked at her stomach. “Yep, it’s a girl!” Exclaimed Lauren. “ *gasps* Goldie! That’s what I’ll call you!” Said Lauren.  A few years later, Lauren and Goldie both grew older. As they did, Lauren didn’t pay much attention to Goldie anymore. She went to the doggie door. As she went to the woods she saw 3 bears. She just stood  there, staring and watching as the bears came closer. She heard a scream from the house. Goldie was basically the guard dog. As she ran to the house, she saw Lauren. She could tell she had been attacked. She whimpered and used her teeth to grab hold of her shirt. She dragged her to a nearby hospital. “Oh my!” Gasped a Nurse. They took Lauren to a hospital room. Lauren was covered in blood, bruises, scars, and cuts. She lay there and slowly opened her eyes. “Woof woof?” Whimpered Goldie. “I….I…I love you” Lauren stuttered, as she sat up in her bed. “We need to take that dog out of here ASAP.” Whispered a Nurse. The Nurse took Goldie outside and called Animal Society to pick her up. Goldie started to run away as fast as she could. Gasping for air, she fell to the ground.  “Woooooooof!” She howled. She lay there for hours. “Mom, look! A dog!” Said a little girl. The little girl picked up Goldie and rubbed her off with a towel. It reminded Goldie of when Lauren first met her. She started to whimper. “What’s wrong little dog?” Asked the little girl. Her mom looked at her. “You put that dog down right now!”Commanded her mother. The little girl didn’t let go of Goldie. Her mother started to scowl her head. Goldie started to run. She found a tiny puddle of water. She went to find shelter after each little gulp. A person yelled “Hay! I found the lost dog! The one from the flyers!”. He got his phone and dialed the number. Goldie didn’t understand him. She started to slowly walk away. The man grabbed her and put her safe in his car. When they got there, Goldie recognized the house. She ran out of the car, jumping with joy. “Mom! It’s Goldie!” Said Lauren as she ran to her. Goldie barked repeatedly. “Woof woof woof woof!” Went Goldie. She tackled Lauren. “Sweetie, you need to take a bath when you’re done. You don’t want to move with filthy paw prints on your shirt.” Said her mom. Goldie looked confused. “Move? What do they mean? Will they take me with them?” Goldie thought. The family moved along with Goldie. They all lived happy together, forever. The End


Thanks for reading 🙂 Bye my peeps. BOOP!

Sad Love Story D: By:Julia Graham

Sara had a best friend that she really loved him he was named Jack when Sara walked up to him she got nervous she got a little tingle in her voice she said “H… hh… here,” and she gave Jack a present he didn’t open it he just shakes it Sara walked away after she walked away he shakes it again and rips it up… he liked it a lot but Sara didn’t here those words then Sara drives  home  and it was dark by the time she got home  so she took a bath at 8:07 she took a quick bath she put on her pj’s and went to sleep…zzz zzz zzz. When it was morning she went to Jack again and she asked “Did you like the present,” he said “yes.” One day she asked to be his girlfriend he said “yes” and she put her hand a little near Jack, and Jack held her hand they both looked at each other and they smiled at the same time. They got there own house they slept next to each other every night one day…. Sara was trying to find Jack she found him and she saw him holding another girls… hand she ran home and locked the door and cried next to the door Jack ran home knocking on the door he found a piece of paper that came out of the door it said “why did you do that Jack” he got a pencil on the side walk and he wrote” I am sorry Sara but please open the door and he slipped it under the door… she came out and Sara said “you don’t love me” Jack said “yes I do”  “no you don’t” Sara said Jack stepped back 3 steps in the road and a truck was coming Sara said “MOVE,” and he got ran over she cried every day because she thought that he was the only one she has dreams that he comes back.

Parodies By: Julia Graham

Some People just make Parodies to show off and the followers are comment if they like it they are like Yeah that is much better than the other song, and the other people who dislike it they are like the other song is BETTER! Jealous people just wish they where them that is why they make parodies. Thanks For Reading!

Bella the dog By: Julia Graham =)

Bella the dog loves her owner named Marry she feed her food and she never cried because she was always happy with Marry but one day a visitor came she started to bark Marry said shh shh. They started to talk… three hours later they were still talking Marry got jealous so she started to rub her head on Marry she was still talking to her finally she started to pet her. fifteen minutes later the visitor left. Then Marry took Bella to the pet park she played with other people too then they went home.  Marry washed Bella to get the dirt off of Bella from the park. Then Marry put on her pj’s and they went to sleep. The next day they were watching the weather channel together in the middle of it a person with a gun came in and he had a black mask on Bella started to bark loud and Marry ran up to her room and locks the door and she forgets about Bella! Bella bit the person on the leg then… the man SHOT Bella Marry got scared she called 911 she whispered to them there is a robber and he has a GUN, and they said we will be right over! The police was here and they saw that the dog was hurt and they saw the robber  so they aimed at him the robber put down his gun, and put his hands up. Afterwords they took the dog to the hospital she had to stay there 2 weeks Marry visited her and pet her sometimes after the 2  weeks were over they they went home, and they keep there door locked so it doesn’t happen again. The End Hop You Like It! =)